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Program Altea is Windows desktop application for evidence of home finances.


  • evidence of home incomes and outcomes
  • evidence of loans and part-payments
  • evidence of savings
  • evidence of gas consumption (by cars)
  • detailed costs evidence for cars, real estates (repair costs, taxes, fees ....)
  • insurance contracts evidence for cars, real estates and persons (with accidents evidence)
  • evidence of movements on bank accounts
  • contacts management
  • reports for detailed finance analysis
  • line, pie and bar charts

Other features

  • conversion from current agendas currency to another by given exchange rate with recalculation of all money data
  • unlimited count of agendas can be created
  • downloading of currency exchange rate lists from ECB and CNB
  • agenda data backup and restore
  • bug reports for application author via email
  • supported central banks for currency lists downloads:
    • European Central Bank (ECB)
    • Ceska Narodni Banka (CNB)
  • language localization of application include reports:
    • Slovak
    • Czech
    • English

If you install Altea Finance on x64 operating system, please read instructions in Downloads section !

Online manual is available for Slovak and Czech users:

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